Darkwood Haunted Mall
Bob's Kwik Ship

The Original Halloween Celebration

October 12, 2013
9am - 5pm

  We are happy to announce the return of the original Halloween celebration in Wills Point. Our first was the 2009 Halloween Parade and Costume Contest for pets and people sponsored by Darkwood Haunted Mall.

This years event will include:
Food Vendors
Assorted Vendors
Car show
Kid zone
Costume contests
Masquerade ball

Some events may be cancelled due to lack of participation.

This event will be held adjacent to n.4th street.

We hope to bring visitors and locals out to celebrate Halloween, which is the second most celebrated
holiday and promote local businesses selling Halloween related items.


Unfortunately the parade has been cancelled because the City Council denied permission to use N. 4th st.

Darkwood Haunted Mall will open this year and accepting applications for actors and set-up crew.

Masquerade Ball is planned at 7pm and is open to all ages.

Registration forms located on registration page.


No refunds once payment is made due to bad weather or other events.

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